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There is something within the fibre of wood that no other material can ever capture - the vitality and uniqueness of an organic object. These tubs are the fusion of high-tech craftsmanship and the originality and form of solid wood. Each is made from a solid single three-ton block of wood that has been painstakingly carved down to create a two-person tub where no two are alike.
The uniqueness of each bath is reflected in their individual identification. Every bath bears the personalized name of a tree in a different language, reflecting both the personality of the bath and its exotic origin.
The tree that each tub is derived from is itself sustainable. What makes them special is few trees, perhaps one out of a million, and for reasons no person really understands grow this massive. We track them down then pull them from the forest with a horse team before taking them to our studio.
Each is then carefully designed based on the structure of the wood just as one would cut a finished diamond from a rough stone. After a two-month process the tub is finished and then it is left to dry for three years to slowly age and harden the wood. When it is ready it is available to you as a unique artistic "one-off" product that will never ever be duplicated.

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