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The Talent: Give a Little Whistle for Whistle & Flute

Miranda and Ryan McCallagh of Whistle & Flute Clothing

From The Paper Cranes to Japanese kawaii characters, clothing line Whistle & Flute is sought-after for their modern and simplistic designs – much like the designer behind it.

Victoria, B.C. resident Miranda McCullagh is in love with black, black and more black. “I saw a quote the other day that said, ‘I’ll stop wearing black when they invent a darker color’.” Miranda recalls.

Although the quote resonates with the fashion school drop out turned healthcare professional, turned clothing designer, she does make some concessions. “I like simple design, stripes and the occasional polka dot,” she says.

After the birth of her first son, Miranda and her graphic designer husband, Ryan, wanted to dress him in gender-neutral clothing that was modern, hip, and sweatshop-free. To their surprise it wasn’t easy to find clothes that fit the bill. No worries, they just made their own and that’s how Whistle & Flute was born.

This season the busy parents of two are at it again with a dapper collection of old favourites like Je t’aime toques and pullovers and new classics such as the black on black kitty. The creative process Miranda has with Ryan is much like an episode straight from Project Runway. “I like to pretend Tim Gunn is here telling us to ‘make it work’ and ‘edit, edit, edit’.” she says. Spoken like a true fashionista.

Sandra Herve
Sandra Herve